China Shower Enclosure manufacturers

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China Shower Enclosure manufacturersChina Shower Enclosure manufacturersChina Shower Enclosure manufacturers

China Shower Enclosure manufacturers Product introduction Folding door shower enclosure is ideal for small bathrooms, and the folding design greatly reduces the amount of space used. The main body material is aluminum alloy as well as the fitting selects 304 stainless steel hinge greatly enhanced the product quality. Product parameter Folding door shower enclosure锛?00-1200(L)X1900(H)MM Product details The handle is made of high quality zinc alloy, which is not easy to oxidize and fade. Aluminum Strip for water retaining, good sealing, water leakage is not easy. The alloy shaft has also been upgraded to allow for more width adjustment. Product qualification The shower room adopts nanotechnology, the intelligent clean function can keep the glass lasting bright effectively, prevents the bacterium鈥檚 proliferation. The aluminum alloy fittings used also passed the acetate spray test. Deliver,shipping and serving Cheap shower enclosures are a custom product. Please consider before placing an order. There are four forms to choose from, you can also choose additional explosion-proof film and Matte Material. The shower room has a one-year warranty and all accessories can be replaced free of charge.China Shower Enclosure manufacturers website: